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Smart Pup

Smart Pups are trained to help children with special needs gain independence and confidence, as well as provide them with emotional and physical support.


Raising Funds for Smart Pups


Smart Pups is a registered not-for-profit charity and relies on donations to continue to raise and train Assistance Dogs for special needs children.

If you’d like to help raise funds to help support us financially, we’d love to hear from you.


Smart Pups is a registered not-for-profit charity and relies heavily on donations in  order to continue the work of  raising and training Assistance  Dogs for Special Needs Children.



Become a Foster

We are always looking for loving foster families to help by adopting a Smart Pup for the duration of their training. Our trusted foster families care for a puppy from when it is eight to 10 weeks old until the final stages of training at around 12 months of age.


Some Kind Words From Our Friends

September 2015

"I just can't believe Elsa . She will not budge . Amazing

Today we went shopping and to lunch with Sam for the first time , Elsa was even better when Sam was attached . It was nice to be able to relax and eat without Sam disappearing or stuck in his pram . Elsa knows why she's with us, I feel , born natural life saver .

Kristy Graham thank you for everything you've taught us , you are also a wonderful human trainer for dogs . — feeling blessed." Sandra Leadbeatter

"This has been the best decision I have ever made. Out of all the therapies, interventions and tools, Frankie has been the greatest thing for Jade and our family" Mel

August 2015

July 2015

"We took Hugh and bailey our for our first full day out in town ... went to lunch at a café .. huge thing for us ...went to k-mart ...and the huge pet store... we did have meltdowns ....Hugh was rolling around on the floor  having a meltdown but that being said he couldn't run away ( love the harness ) .. and in the café he retreated under the table cuddling bailey ... and he did try very hard to bolt twice but bailey just stood there and dug his feet in .. awesome and when we got home yes there was lots of flapping and clam down needed but still only 1/2 as much as what it used to be ... amazing xxxxx" Crystal Clear Waters

"Blake and Ziggy are bonding really well and I am enjoying a little less stress due to Blake having his anxiety levels down for once

smile emoticon. Thank you so much, we have already seen improvements in Blake."

June 2015

May 2015

"Ella has progressed massively over last few months with her confidence and social skills Harry helps her every day .he is her best friend and help keep her clam we are so grateful every day for Harry" Beckie Wood

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